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Important Preparation Of Performing Umrah

Umrah is like a complete journey, which can be fulfilled throughout the year. It means you can perform Umrah anytime, there is no fix time. For those people who have some financial issues or face some crises, they need to go for an Umrah once in every year, so they will enjoy happy and prosperous life.

However, the significance of performing the Umrah is less than the Hajj. In fact, we can say that it is like an effective experience when you decided to go for Umrah with family and friends. In order to secure yourself, it is important to consider the certain steps that are given in Quran, while performing the Umrah:

Ihram: Umrah is incomplete when you do not wear ihram, so it is important that when you entering in Makkah, you must be wearing Ihram.

Niyyah: without niyyah Umrah is not fulfilled, so after reciting prayers, make niyyat means you are expressing that you are performing Umrah by heart.

Istilam: it’s an act when you kiss the stone, which comes from jannah. When you touch it, alter with prayer, whatever you want and touch the black stone with both hands and then touch your hand into your face, this process is known as istilam.

Tawaf: moving right to the left and completed the seven circumambulations, toward Khana Kaaba, is known as Tawaf. It’s like you have to complete the circumambulations clockwise.

Duas during Tawaf: it’s better to remember the prayers first before you going to Umrah because while performing Umrah there are no prescribed prayer rather than supplication of different dua.

Hateem: a semi circulation section that is formed originally but was not incorporated in the Kaaba, at the time of rebuild. However, in your circumambulations, you need to include the Hateem, as it is the most important part.

Multazam:a deeply wholly placed between the Kaaba door and black stone, is known ass Multazam. You can easily reach this place, when you performing Umrah, pray to ALLAH for its beneficence and his mercy.

Maqam Ibrahim-: when you done with your seven circumambulations toward khana Kaaba, then you should approach the place of Maqam Ibrahim. It’s a place where Ibrahim stay, you need to offer 2 rakat (means a short prayer). After that return to the place of black stone and touch again, if possible.

Safa & Marwa: visit this place, to perform sa’y, the best part of this place, it is situated between two hills.

Cutting hair: when the completion of sa’y is done, then the male shave their head and female cut only some hair.

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